At Heart


Heart, Cloud were invited to exhibit at the Art Innovation exhibition by the Chinese Culture Foundation with a theme of modern calligraphy's artistic context. At its core, written words are life's daily tools of communication and teaching. The Chinese calligraphic arts, being passed from ancient masters, have continued to develop into the modern era, with uses from practical communication to artistic freehand brushwork. The characters are not just the symbols or tools, and having weathered continuous change in the world, have had a unique artistry formed around them. This work is an expression of the calligraphic artist's own concepts and artistic values. Digital light production and software-driven smoke-like effects are leveraged to exhibit the layered interaction between calligraphic characters and the heart of the artist. Even so, the delay and replacement caused by deciding the symbols' meaning spreads the work through its visual representation, further extending the reach of the work, like the ripple of a wave through water inspiring infinite wishes and desires.