108 Forms of Avalokiteśvara Interactive Projection

New Taipei

In order to realize the goal of digitizing and silhouetting the religious sculptures, IF Plus planned The Light for the Whole World. The work was divided into two parts. One is interactive projections between Xuan paper flat screen and the floor. 108 Guanyin figures were 3D scanned individually and particalized as golden dot clusters before exhibiting. Based on participants’ position, they changed and were shown in different forms of revolving images and Chinese Sanskrit names on the Xuan paper curtaining screen hanging from the ceiling making it as if an encounter across time and space. The floor projection used the image of water and sand, which moved as visitors walking by, and represented as the connections between Buddha and commoners.

Another part was the wall screen and interactive projection. Visitors were invited to activate the handless photoshoot when standing close to the screen. As a result, audience’s 3D silhouette would be shown on the wall after the automatic photo shoot started and became like stars of the Ganges River sand. Through non-selective Vipassana, visitors would be able to understand the relationship between self and the universe in a macro perspective.

“108 Forms of Guanyin” originated from 108 Forms of Avalokiteśvara Temple in Nepal. In Taiwan, Guanyin school was the root of Ling Jiou Mountain Buddhist Society. As a result, Ling Jiou Mountain Buddhist Society invited sculptor Lin Jian-Cheng to recreate 108 bronze colored Guanyin statues. With more than two years of dedicated work, Mr. Lin finished the represented masterpiece 108 Forms of Avalokiteśvara bronze colored statues but then soon passed away on January 6th, 2018 at age 80. The exhibition was held in order to commemorate the artist’s perseverance, perfecting, and the dedication to the religious culture.

Exhibition introduction: https://www.mwr.org.tw/2018guanyin/xmdoc/cont?xsmsid=0I211353098834816834&sid=0I211357657163884959