Les enphants Baby Elephant Interactive Bus


Built from zero, Baby Elephant Pop-Up Bus was a project designed for taking a trip with kids. With two touch screen installations, Baby Elephant—the mascot of les enphants, became children’s travel buddy and the interaction was just like parents and children reading books together.

Children woke up the baby elephant by using the microphone and styled its outfits on the touch screen. There was also the photo booth with animated photo frames of cities worldwide where families could take photos together here. In the end, participants would receive a postcard and download it sharing the joy of the interactive bus with family and friends. In addition to strengthen the hand-eye coordination, children used their bodies to experience the interactive game. No matter kids or grownups could make stronger emotional bonds and enjoy the fun. The game made the attendees understand the content before traveling and also broaden the children’s world view. Meanwhile, it transmitted les enphants’ corporate image of letting kids “just be”.