Taiwan Innotech Expo Future Technology Pavilion


This year’s Taiwan Innotech Expo 2018 set off from the theme of “Innovating Technology, Foreseeing the Future” at Future Technology Pavilion. Divided by four major fields, each section had highlight technique large-scale installations. The thematic guidance added on the visiting experience. Meanwhile, plentiful of word clouds hanging on top of each section symbolized cloud technology was connecting human minds and transforming into a trend of thought that was accumulating and modifying.

The exhibition was curated based on interaction and intellectual concepts. Highlight techniques were being displayed in each section. The thematic guidance added on the visiting experience. When being approached, the sensor activated the digital giant figure that would get near to the audience and ask different questions inviting visitors to pay more attention to issues like technology, biotechnology, and environment. With interesting information and interactive content, it attracted visitors coming in and enjoying.

The experience at the end included interactive design, information transfer, text planning, and graphic design, which was incorporated with technological elements such as lines with circular ends. Data collected and eye-catching spotlights at the exhibition were woven into technology word clouds that all participants cared about. Visitors would receive a letter from the future self in a week, which made people more anticipated to the future of innovative technology.