Wishful Lighting Tree


A Large-scale Christmas and New Year’s Eve event, ”2019 LOVE Kaohsiung City Chasing Light Season“, takes the center of the city, its’ Central Park as the starting point, to cooperate with the idea of the one light within every individual and collaborate with different interactive media teams creatively.

The “Wishful Lighting Tree”, designed by IF Plus, invites people to collect wishes related to luck, wealth, love, and so on, at the kiosk machine and take videography; the images and videos of people making wishes light up the tree in Central Park. At every designated time, the tree displays a series of highlights, maximizes people’s smiles, features them to be at the center of the city, and deliver a strong visual sense of happiness. Let the coming of 2020 fulfill people with hope and joy.

This project’s challenge is upon the projection on the natural surface as its screen and the measure of colors. After repeated tests and adjustments, IF Plus designs different levels of special effects on the tree’s appearance. Additionally, IF Plus invites the international awardwinning sound designer DJ DinPei to make a unique electronic mixtape for “Wishful Lighting Tree”, combining the familiar Christmas tunes and Hip-Hop beats to create a more contemporary and upbeat atmosphere dedicated to a one-of-a-kind winter memory for all.

2019 LOVE Kaohsiung City Chasing Light Season Duration | 2019/12/06-2020/01/05 Time | 6 PM-10 PM every day Location | Kaohsiung Central Park (Kaohsiung City MRT Central Park Station)