People of All Ages Cultivating Urban Happiness


Joining “People of All Ages Cultivating Urban Happiness”, organized by The Ministry of Health and Welfare, the participants are invited to create a digital representation of an ideal life for the older people. The products include the interactive exhibits produced in section 3, multimedia visual setting, and the transporting service provided at each section throughout the exhibition. At the entry, Silvery Time Machine, where the participants pick up their RFID “Time Wristband”, register their names, genders, ages, and mobile numbers, and take their photos to see their looks begin to age and become interesting; at sharing “visual”/virtual reality area, the participants use the kiosk to select from the moving image menu (dynamic dropdown menu) , based on their ideal senior lives, to understand the blueprints of “Long-Term Care 2.0” (長照2.0的服務藍藍圖) and the calculation of “Long-Term Care: Four Types of Paid” (長照四包錢的計算⽅方式); at last, at “2025 Silvery Imagination”, participants return their Time Wristband and receive a customized message card from the future.

The seniors’ every-day experience of ours is finer than we imagine.

Time | 2019/11/15-19 November 11-15, 2019 Location | Songshan Cultural and Creative Park Garage No.1