Futuristic Love Equation


“Yuan” (as “Circle”), Jiu Zhen Nan’s exhibition in 2013 is curated around the theme of wedding cake. Wedding cake implies the physical form of a round shape and the psychological state of a union and satisfaction. Through the context of “Yuan” as its theme and the characteristics across three generations, the exhibit introduces the different takes on love and the different looks of wedding cake. “Yuan” invites iF+ to curate and run the “Futuristic Love Equation” exhibit section.

This section’s main visual adapts “fluid” and the changing colors of the ball to represent the concept of Love Equation. Space is designed with neon lights, dark field (darkfield illumination), and the eye-catching words, to create a magical and futuristic love experimental lab.

We invite the spectators to be the lab workers to calculate the unpredictable love data through Love Equation. The analyzing machine uses RealSense 3D camera and interactive Q&A to digitalize the spectator’s image and thoughts about love, and finally results in one’s love appearance after continuous calculating and identifying.

The result shows at the screen display section, whether it’s longing for a love fantasy that’s against the gravity (norms), or fond of a lovey-dovey love, or desire for a typical romance that makes you feel secure. The results combine with different flavors of Han cakes and moving images to liberate people’s imagination of the digital genre of love and happiness.

Time | since 108/12/14 Every Tuesday through Sunday 10 AM to 6 PM (Last entry at 5 PM) Ticket Price | 100 NTD (Children under 120 cm for Free) Location | Jiu Zhen Nan Han Pastry Cultural Concept Store