Last Call/ Her Final Revelations

Revelations of endangered marine species

Light in Motion

A splendid light show, preview for the Lantern Festival

Vivian Maier Photography Exhibition

Exploring cities through a photographer’s eyes

Futuristic Love Equation

Interpreting Han cake and modern views on love

D/S ONE Electric Fantasy Lab ONE

Converting electric power to creativity

People of All Ages Cultivating Urban Happiness

A digital reality of the seniors’ every-day experience

Taiwan Innotech Expo

R&D collaboration become flowing highlight

Light Waves

Best Light Installation at GILE 2019

Moon Landing Virtual Reality Work

Poetic floating outside of loneliness

Taiwan Innotech Expo Future Technology Pavilion

Inviting visitors to have new perspective of thinking

What If the City- Interactive Train Family Workshop

Viewing your city landscape from different perspectives

108 Forms of Avalokiteśvara Interactive Projection

Guanyin, the light for the whole world

Discovering Technology Treasures 2018

TDP Achievements Presentation in Taichung