Nuit Blanche Taipei- Moving Track in the White Night

Combination of sound map and light sculpture

108 Forms of Avalokiteśvara Interactive Projection

Guanyin, the light for the whole world

Hatch Your Fortune

Receive the New Year's fortune by touching good luck eggs

Collecting & So On!

Display the collected items by camera installation

Light Sense Xmas Tree

Interactive Xmas tree by light sensor

Power to the People' exhibition

Invite visitors to check-in and show their connections

Her Mix tape

Listening to S.H.E.'s memorable songs

Future Lab

Showing the innovations which can shape the future


Declare the face equality

Mazda Brand Event

Personalized laser engraved gifts

Rody Designer

Everyone can color and design their own Rody

Pavilion of Dream Transport Museum

Digital ox cart adventure tours

Kobitos Restaurant

Follow Kobitos to do some gymnastics warm-up

Aranzi Event

Travel around the world with Aranzi