Id Initial Value Baby-C Music Concert


iF+ was invited by Baby-C, the multiple Golden Melody Award (GMA) winner, GoAhead Music, and Director Lin Dai-Rong to participate in a live interactive design at the Id Initial Value Baby-C Music Concert. Using motion capture technology displayed within a specially constructed seat-less round projection theater, the union of musical notes, dancers, and dynamic performances transform into an immersive visual feast, allowing the listeners to float between the worlds of visual and auditory senses.

Highlights during rehearsals and the show included performances from special guests Yosifu Kacaw, Ricky Hsiao, Sangpuy, 9m88, and ABAO. Baby-C‘s album Portfolio Initial Value was also awarded the 31st GMA’s Best Instrumental Recording Album. Working with an outstanding music team, artist Baby-C shared a diverse musical performance and passed on a vibrant creative energy to all.

Visual Movement in Collaboration with 9 Grid Design

Sensible (Copper): detecting dancers’ movements, with fish swimming around the venue in step with music. Solo (Piano): detecting Baby-C’s hands movements, creating flashing of sparkles while the artist plays the piano.

4 sessions were performed from 10/2 Friday through 10/4 Thursday at Taipei Zhongshan Hall.