Cyborg Eros, a Periodic Production

Various Experiments Conducted at Gather Town

Id Initial Value Baby-C Music Concert

A wandering journey between the visual and auditory senses

2020 Taipei Fashion Week SS21

Digital Terminal Spring & Summer Fashion Launch


XR New Media Performing Art

Nuit Blanche Street Fashion Show

Digital Art Danced with Fashion Design

Real-Time Interactive Multimedia Theater SAYION II

Creating an exceptional moment with technology art and theater

Wistron Co. Annual Meeting Opening Ceremony Performance

Brings creative energy into the corporate spirit

Stunning Music and Dance

Taiwan Indigenous Music and Dance Feast

Electric Indigo

NTCH 30th Anniversary Celebration

TICKETS X RAW Barcelona Supper Club

Projection mapping in the Michelin party

Science fiction crossover

Transfer the literary fiction by virtual reality (VR)

House of Flying Daggers

Interactive projection surround the environmental theatre

Tea Party II Four Seasons

A brand new tea drinking experience