Research and Innovation-Incubation Center Interactive Projection


Invited by New media artist Prof. Hsin-Chien Huang, IF Plus planned a new interactive media installation carrying Chengchi University’s milestones in its history in the newly completed building. The overall design included Chengchi University over 60 years’ of history and heritage, the rich and diverse achievements, and also the imagination and conversation through the past to the future. In order to present the content of the University’s milestones while considering the flexibility of use of space, the images were presented by a large amount of white boxes piled up, making the showroom easily accustomed to different activities’ demands. The projection mapping embodied futuristic visual style with the content moving forward by time and also gradually enriched and sped up, which represented Chengchi University keeping abreast with the times and actively playing the important role in transmitting civilization and knowledge.