Electric Indigo


Invited by National Theater & Concert Hall, artists Lim Giong and over 20 groups of artists across disciplines created Electric Indigo at its Main Plaza from sunset to dusk. Relaxing and joyful vibe as well as dancers interacting with the audience, the 30th anniversary celebration was presented by new media art and electro music with videos, electro, and the indigenous’ spirit and totems as the base. Artist Wang Po-Yu, Lim Giong, and Point closed the show of the day with the finale performance featuring Appreciation, Improvisation, Amaze and other performances, which were presented with stunning visual effect through high-resolution totems, sound waves, particle landscapes, and real-time calculation.

In addition, the performance was awarded as The Best Show Concept at 2017 Taiwan Design BEST 100 by Shopping Design Magazine. To see the special report

Photo Credits: NTCH Photographer: Li Xinzhe