Stunning Music and Dance


"Stunning Music and Dance" is the main performance of the yearly project "Indigenous Tribes Sustainable Education Program" by TECO Technology Foundation. IF Plus participated the production team of "2018 Stunning Music and Dance" and designed the animation and projection mapping along with live performance in this show. Through the vibrant patterns with the expansive mountain ranges of the tribes of Paiwan, Beinan, Taroko, Rukai, and Amis. People can see the beauty and hear the voices of Taiwan’s aborigines which represents the vitality culture of the island.

Advised by Ministry of Education (Learning Circle), Aboriginal Peoples Council, Ministry of Culture Organized by TECO Technology Foundation, Capital Bus Corporation, Mega Bank C&E Foundation, Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall Major Sponsor by BNP Paribas Taipei Branch & BNP Paribas Foundation’s Dream Up Program

Art Director | Teresa Su Art Consultant | Chuang Kuo-Shin, Lee Che-Yi, Camake Valaule, Cheng Hui-Chung Director | Billy Chang Music Director | Nieh Ling Stage Manager | Fang Lu-Yun Assistant Dance Supervisor | Lin Kun-Xian Light Design | Chiang Chi-Yang Image Design | iF+ Stage Design | Old Farmer Landscape Architecture Co., Yang Tian-Hao, Liu Yu-Ting Sound Design and Implementation | Michele Paciulli