Real-Time Interactive Multimedia Theater SAYION II


Continuing the rave review of the crossover production SAYION in 2015, this year the artistic director Tchen Yu-Chiou further gathered master level of production team, including Hsin-Chien Huang, AKIBO, Lu Chia-Hui, etc. Moreover, she invited Hsieh Chieh-Hua and Lin Li-Chuan, the dream lineup had an outstanding work directing and choreographing Summer Universiade’s opening ceremony performance. Under the whole new theme, SAYION II upgraded and once again they brought the audience dance, new media art, video, music, and combinations of different fields. It lead the audience to travel through space where virtual reality and reality co-exist, and experienced the whole new multi-sensory theater.

Three acts. It started from the relationships among people. The alienation and bizarre network connections unfolded the dreamlike setting. Two dancers, parts of the prop, and the wireless hexagon gyroscope combined changed the visual image’s movement and lightness in real-time creeping and penetrating between senses and awareness. The scene in the second act emphasized the relations between body and the surroundings, and the exploration process of traveling through reality and virtual reality, dying and then reborn. The technique integrated with the rigging system, real-time movement capture system and Vive Tracker space detection, which made the body movement of the dancers blended with the colorful space and showed strong emotions. The strength and beauty of the movement intermixing with images and music precisely displayed distinctive emotional strength.

Cast and Production Team: Artistic Director | Tchen Yu-Chiou
Director | Hsieh Chieh-Hua, Lin Li-Chuan
Technique Advisor | Hsin-Chien Huang
Scenic Design | AKIBO
Music Design | Lu Chia-Hui
Lighting Design | Nick Hung
Costume Design | Hozen Studio
Aloft Technical Execution | Airdance
Interactive Multi-media Technique | IF Plus
General Manager | Lin Tai-Jung
General Manager Associate | Chen Wei-Yuan
Production Execution | Chen Pei-Yu
Cast | Hsu Li-En, Billy Chang, Chen Chia-Hung, Tsai Shu-Yu (in Chinese last name’s order)
Execution | eslite Performance Hall, Egret Cultural and Educational Foundation
Sponsor | National Culture and Arts Foundation, Pegatron Corporation, Fubon Financial Holdings, Powerchip Technology Corporation, Interplan International Corp.

Photo credit:林政億Terry