McDonald’s Winter Camp Special App


Continuing the e-commerce system for McDonald’s winter camp 2 years ago, this year it combined all the experience to one app by digitizing the whole process. All the information and functions of the event were all in the phone. Employees could download the app to be familiar with the mission, itinerary, rules, and McFunParty, etc. before the event. After arriving at the hotel in Kenting, employees could immediately shop at the Bizarre purchasing many exclusive products and participate in different games. The mission McDollar collecting AR game, in which members could collect McDollars to redeem gifts. There were also group timed game and ultimate activity which players could upload the videos and share with other people, and so on. McDonald’s corporate culture replacement was everywhere. Through the fast-paced activities, it made the Y generation McFans “lovin’ it” passionately.

Just lovin’ it- all the ups and downs as a team Just lovin’ it- all the crazy yet beautiful fun times together Just lovin’ it- I’m lovin’ it with He De Chang McDonald’s Download the app, experience with us Clear the missions, clicks-and-mortar new activities, multiple gifts make you swag, plenty of events make you wow