The Love’s Outlet

The Distance from Fans to Die-Hard Fans

Miko’s Room- Miko’s Chatroom

Use Line to interact with the live stream presenter

Hatch Your Fortune

Receive the New Year's fortune by touching good luck eggs

Mc's Winter-con

Customize system for staffs members' meeting

Power to the People' exhibition

Invite visitors to check-in and show their connections

Future Lab

Showing the innovations which can shape the future

Sky Lantern

Digital sky lanterns light up the dark

Rody Designer

Everyone can color and design their own Rody

Fun Taipei

Multiplayer Taipei 101 run up race

Trend Micro 2015’s Kick Off Event

Multiplayer soccer games on mobile phones

PyCon APAC Bingo Bingo

Multiplayer interactive bingo game during the intermission

House of Flying Daggers

Interactive projection surround the environmental theatre

If This Was a Secret Garden

Collect the secrets into the light