Nuit Blanche Street Fashion Show


Presented for Taipei next gen Fashion Week in response to Nuit Blanche 2019, “The NPM Zoo” series of collection created by the Department of Fashion Design of Shih Chien University was showcased by dancers and Eelin models as a street fashion show. Once again, IF Plus collaborated with Summer Universiade’s Director- Hsieh Chieh Hua to create the visual multimedia fantasy. Ancient lions, phoenix, dragons, 12 Chinese zodiac animals, and colorful sea animals, they all represented as the design ability and creativity of Taiwanese young generation. The youthful and borderless design inspiration was transformed into a wow show in the daily life scenes which you and I both were familiar with. The moving escalators became a runway leading people traveling across among different time and space and dancing with exotic and rare beasts- from outdoor to indoor. It was a classical yet avant-garde multidisciplinary party which surely rocked the audience's senses!

The work used the LED screen of the venue to create a whole new immersive visual effect. Angular geometric lines outlined the distinctive postures of quadrupeds while the texture of neon color fabric tailored the floating and waving movement of sea animals. Four different sections of scenes and atmosphere: hidden night- the darkness awakening the trapped beasts; the gray curtain- the beasts popping up when the darkness unveiled; the bright moon- all the beasts howling when twilight fell; the group dance- the beasts stomping and dancing wildly, evoked the mysterious and magical vibe created by the beasts’ wild presence. The show struck up all kinds of imagination and excitement and invited the audience to walk into a party off-the-wall.

Time | 10/5 09:50 PM - 10/5 10:40 PM Location | live performances at ATT 4 Recharge, inside and outside of 1F

Execution: Department of Cultural Affairs Taipei City Government Partner: Nuit Blanche Taipei, Department of Fashion Design of Shih Chien University, ATT 4 Recharge Performing Art Director: Hsieh Chieh Hua Visual Coordination and Execution: IF Plus Execution Director: Wang Po-Yu Visual Design: Liu Yi-Wen Visual Effect: Liu Yi-Wen Real-time Interactive Special Effect: Wang Po-Yu, Suibi Weng, Eric Chan Program Integration: Li Min-Chen Project Management: Ye Jing-Yi