""Obsession"" highlight XR performing art, invited by Egret Cultural and Educational Foundation, was created specifically for ART TAIPEI 2019. The story told the Nan’ao aboriginal girl-Sayion experiencing an incident of falling into water then died, but then advocated as a patriotic sacrifice by the Japanese occupied government. Musician Chia-Hui Lu wrote the script and composed for the mysterious heroin and choreographed by dancer Billy Chan. With new media technology, the story was woven into a beautiful play where virtual and reality coexisted. The project was awarded and sponsored by Ministry of Culture under the experimental project “IP Laboratory”-IP Creation and 4D showcase- which used live volumetric capture in 4D views studio as an experimental work.

At the production level, the juxtaposition of light, shadow and composition in the virtual reality space built a sense of magical atmosphere. Meanwhile, 4D views active models were used and different materials and special effects were added for experiment. ""Nenggao Waterfall"", ""Yehliu"" and ""Jade Mountain"", works by one of the Taiwanese head artists Chen Houei-Kuen, were transformed into virtual reality 3D scenes. Though limited in the booth, two ways of space were created for performers and audience to interact with. The first way was to use 3D depth sensor camera. Audience did not need to use any assistance to experience the virtual reality performance. The other way was to use iPad. Participants could take photos or record their fun interactions with virtual dancers and performers. The show broke through imagination and thought outside the box, and had won rave reviews and attention by international art professionals and media.

Time | 2019/10/17-21 Location | Art Taipei 2019, Booth W01 Live XR Performance | 2019/10/17 (preview) 15:45, only performance