On-Site Exhibition of Forging Shop

Take the Audience to "Hear" an Immersive Journey

2023 Romantic Route 3 “Falabidbog”

Taiwan's Largest LINE Official Account Linking Program

Hsieh Chieh-hua x Anarchy Dance Theatre “CyborgEros”

Spontaneous Art with Technology: Even AI Can Dance Contemporary


A Performance of Incontinuous Jumps

Taiwan Design Expo'21 in Chiayi 《 Misplace 》

Explore the Hydrology in Chiayi City

World Tree Fountain at Longci Light Festival

Flowing light and shadow in the luminous forest


The Dissipation and Agglomeration of the Ink from Sand

Anarchy Cyborg Eros

Real-time performance with multiple people and AI

Photolithography 2021 LIGHT COMING

500 Days’ Hard Preparation

T.A.P. Project Wonderland

A Challenge to Project on the Giant Curved Wall and Space

Cyborg Eros, a Periodic Production

Various Experiments Conducted at Gather Town

Light in Motion

A splendid light show, preview for the Lantern Festival