Real-Time Interactive Multimedia Theater SAYION II

Creating an exceptional moment with technology art and theater

Nuit Blanche Taipei- Moving Track in the White Night

Combination of sound map and light sculpture

Moon Landing Virtual Reality Work

Poetic floating outside of loneliness

Wistron Co. Annual Meeting Opening Ceremony Performance

Brings creative energy into the corporate spirit

108 Forms of Avalokiteśvara Interactive Projection

Guanyin, the light for the whole world

Electric Indigo

NTCH 30th Anniversary Celebration

TICKETS X RAW Barcelona Supper Club

Projection mapping in the Michelin party

Science fiction crossover

Transfer the literary fiction by virtual reality (VR)


Share your food memory

If This Was a Secret Garden

Collect the secrets into the light

At Heart

Interpretation of personal memory

Unreal Ink

Aesthetics of Digital Art