2023 Romantic Route 3 “Falabidbog”

Taiwan's Largest LINE Official Account Linking Program

FURY CUBE at Kingston Asia-Pacific Headquarters

The core installation at Gaming Lab

LINE Creativity Day

An interactive experience of real-time data translation

Taipei Fashion Week 2022

Showcasing the harmonious resonance between human beings and nat

Looking for the Light ‧ Making Wishes

Light up the city with blessings at every corner

Gogoro Viva Mix Superfast Pop-up Shop

Interactive Lighting Brings High-Speed Thrill

The Love’s Outlet

The Distance from Fans to Die-Hard Fans

Last Call/ Her Final Revelations

Revelations of endangered marine species

2020 Taipei Fashion Week SS21

Digital Terminal Spring & Summer Fashion Launch

Wishful Lighting Tree

Use our smiles and wishes to light up the night sky

Futuristic Love Equation

Interpreting Han cake and modern views on love

Taiwan Innotech Expo

R&D collaboration become flowing highlight

MapleStory M Photo Booth

Share your special memories with MapleStory M characters

MapleStory M Touring Coffee Truck

Cuteness Attack Anytime, Anywhere