2023 Taiwan Design Expo - ○ UP

IF PLUS X LINE OA, it can really bring all the participants tog

Sanzhi Festival - Journey Through Mountains, Seas, and Rivers

The Best Teammate of Regional Revitalization

TTXC Marine Traffic of Future Kaohsiung

Dome Screen Projection at Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung

On-Site Exhibition of Forging Shop

Take the Audience to "Hear" an Immersive Journey

2023 Hakka Expo “Sense of Belonging”

Inviting the World to be a Guest of Hualien

2023 Romantic Route 3 “Falabidbog”

Taiwan's Largest LINE Official Account Linking Program

Hsieh Chieh-hua x Anarchy Dance Theatre “CyborgEros”

Spontaneous Art with Technology: Even AI Can Dance Contemporary

The Black Box “Our Blue Planet in Fantasy”

Creating the Deepest Touch with the Earth

Light to Lights

Interactive glimpses into behind-the-scenes revelations

City Expo: 2022 Keelung Light Festival

Swimming with Whales in Keelung's Mountains and Seas

FURY CUBE at Kingston Asia-Pacific Headquarters

The core installation at Gaming Lab

LINE Creativity Day

An interactive experience of real-time data translation

Taipei Fashion Week 2022

Showcasing the harmonious resonance between human beings and nat