Nuit Blanche Taipei- Moving Track in the White Night

Combination of sound map and light sculpture

MapleStory M Photo Booth

Share your special memories with MapleStory M characters

Moon Landing Virtual Reality Work

Poetic floating outside of loneliness

Taiwan Innotech Expo Future Technology Pavilion

Inviting visitors to have new perspective of thinking

What If the City- Interactive Train Family Workshop

Viewing your city landscape from different perspectives

MapleStory M Touring Coffee Truck

Cuteness Attack Anytime, Anywhere

Wistron Co. Annual Meeting Opening Ceremony Performance

Brings creative energy into the corporate spirit

Miko’s Room- Miko’s Chatroom

Use Line to interact with the live stream presenter

108 Forms of Avalokiteśvara Interactive Projection

Guanyin, the light for the whole world

Discovering Technology Treasures 2018

TDP Achievements Presentation in Taichung

Stunning Music and Dance

Taiwan Indigenous Music and Dance Feast