Gogoro Viva Mix Superfast Pop-up Shop

Interactive Lighting Brings High-Speed Thrill

Cyborg Eros, a Periodic Production

Various Experiments Conducted at Gather Town

The Love’s Outlet

The Distance from Fans to Die-Hard Fans

Last Call/ Her Final Revelations

Revelations of endangered marine species

Id Initial Value Baby-C Music Concert

A wandering journey between the visual and auditory senses

Light in Motion

A splendid light show, preview for the Lantern Festival

2020 Taipei Fashion Week SS21

Digital Terminal Spring & Summer Fashion Launch

Vivian Maier Photography Exhibition

Exploring cities through a photographer’s eyes

Wishful Lighting Tree

Use our smiles and wishes to light up the night sky

Futuristic Love Equation

Interpreting Han cake and modern views on love

D/S ONE Electric Fantasy Lab ONE

Converting electric power to creativity


XR New Media Performing Art

People of All Ages Cultivating Urban Happiness

A digital reality of the seniors’ every-day experience